Versatile furniture that creates moments of celebration with family and friends with comfort and style, bringing flavors and joy to the most celebrated place of the house.



Our swings are unique pieces. They give a fun and sophisticated look to your outdoor or indoor areas. They can be accompanied by a stand or attached to various surfaces.


Benches are used several times in rooms as footrests, seats, or decorative pieces. Villa Rattan offers perfect models for your outdoor or indoor spaces.


Check out the best models with customizable heights for your high countertop or counter. Perfect for kitchens, gourmet spaces, or pool areas.



Perfect for gourmet areas, pool areas, and balconies, providing the best moments with family and friends, combining comfort, beauty, and quality.​

Chaise Longues

The Chaise Longues are aesthetic differentials. They provide beauty and sophistication in living rooms and stylish indoor environments.

Sun loungers

Villa Rattan sun loungers have the best materials to unite beauty, comfort, and durability in the sun and rain. Check out the perfect models for a unique pool area.

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Tables are the most versatile piece of your indoor and outdoor areas. Villa Rattan tables, besides their functionality, can also be decoration pieces that can make a difference in a room.



Watch out! too much exposure to the sun is harmful. Our umbrellas have polyester fabric with UPF50+ sun protection, the safest technology for your skin. They can be used on tables or with a base.


Discover a range of luxury armchairs for outdoor areas, gardens, balconies, living rooms, and gourmet areas. Several styles for you to choose from with all perfection.​


It is important that, in addition to being functional and comfortable, the furniture also captivates us aesthetically, Puffs can be the missing detail, but one that fills the feeling of emptiness in a space.


One of the most striking features of seat gardens is their multi-functionality. They can be used as seats, decorative pieces, side tables, and even coffee tables.​​


Sofas are a must-have piece. They are the center of a social gathering or just a place where you and your family can relax. Check out beautiful sofas of different sizes and relax with the comfort provided by models that give a unique personality to your home.

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